Final Review

Finalize your board exam preparation with the definitive review of radiology physics trusted by thousands of resident physicians just like you.

Live Dates:  April 1-4, 2025, San Diego, UCSD Downtown
Virtual Dates: Sept-Nov, 2024, or April-Jun, 2025

Micro Lectures

Concepts are divided into bite-sized lectures, and delivered in slide-based format with animations that maximize the efficiency of your review.

Exam-Day MCQs

500 multiple choice questions spread throughout Final Review are designed to challenge you with realistic exam-day wording and difficulty.

Flexible Learning

Attend the Final Review from anywhere, using our virtual on-demand or live in-person formats to match your personal learning style and geographic constraints.

Comprehensive coverage


Day 1 - Exam Strategy, X-Ray Fundamentals, Projection Radiography

How to approach your exam preparation and exam-day psychology. Mechanisms of x-ray production and interaction with the body. Components and parameters of projection radiography and their effect on image quality and dose.

Day 2 - Mammo, Tomo, Fluoro, CT

Comprehensive discussion of these modalities including fundamental mechanisms, practical troubleshooting, artifacts, and radiation safety.

Day 3 - Ultrasound & Nuclear Medicine

US Basic Principles, Greyscale US, Doppler US, Nucs Basic Principles, Gamma Camera, SPECT, PET, Radiation Safety and Radiopharmacy

Day 4 - MRI and Business Practices

Basic physics principles that enable MRI, Spin-Echo Sequences, Gradient-Echo Sequences, Practical Cardiac MRI, Business Practices

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