Welcome to the 2023-2024 Core Physics Review

Welcome to the 2023-2024 Core Physics Review

Greetings to all our resident physicians in radiology! As we step into the 2023-2024 cycle of the Core Physics Review, I'm thrilled to say that there has never been a better time to prepare for your radiology physics board exams. Nine years into crafting this course, our experience is unmatched in ensuring resident physicians are adeptly primed for their radiology physics examination.

In celebration of our approaching 10th anniversary, we're excited to introduce an on-demand virtual version of our live review. This will be accessible to our subscribed residents from April to July 2024, giving you the flexibility and convenience of studying at your own pace.

For those of you embarking on the Foundational Review and Final Review, a warm welcome to our ninth year of Core Physics Review. We understand the weight of responsibilities on your shoulders - from preparing for your board exams, managing clinical duties, to balancing personal life. Here's my promise to you: with the right guidance, mastering radiology physics for the board exams will be as straightforward as any high school physics class.

Our vision with Core Physics Review has always been clear - efficiency. While there's an array of resources out there, our course is meticulously curated to provide you with exam-focused content, reinforced with topical multiple choice questions. Under the guidance of our seasoned team, possessing deep expertise in physics, radiology, and exam-day psychology, you're not just learning; you're mastering the skill of score points in radiology physics on exam day.

Welcome to this enlightening journey. Should any queries arise, know that our team is just a message away. Here's to your success and confidence as we approach radiology physics questions on your board exams together.




Ram Srinivasan MD PhD is Course Director at Core Physics Review, a practicing radiologist, educator, and engineer in Berkeley, California. He previously received his BS at Caltech, SM and PhD at MIT, and MD at Harvard Medical School. Srinivasan is has an extensive research background, including brain-machine interfaces, LLMs/AI, and education technology.



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