Residents in radiology dive into the new Virtual Final Review

Residents in radiology dive into the new Virtual Final Review

This week, resident physicians in radiology started their final review of radiology physics for radiology board exams around the world with the all-new virtual-format Final Review from Core Physics Review.

Watch Now: Course Director Ram Srinivasan MD PhD introduces the new virtual-format Final Review.


For the first time in nearly a decade, the all-new virtual-format Final Review brings the content of the classic four-day Final Review of radiology physics  from Core Physics Review, into an online format, making it available for registration to radiology residents everywhere.

Radiology physics represents a universal challenge for resident physicians taking radiology board exams, because the content isn't typically discussed in daily teaching during readouts or noon conference. But questions related to basic principles, patient safety, and image quality remain an important part of board exams because this knowledge is a defining characteristic of the specialty.

The virtual-format Final Review focuses on helping residents efficiently refine these exam-relevant principles. Content is delivered in 2-10 minute micro-lectures. Over 400+ multiple choice questions are interspersed with lectures to help reinforce knowledge and hold attention.

The Final Review perfectly complements the Foundational Review, both of which are designed for resident physicians in radiology. The slide-based lecture style of the Final Review builds on the durable whiteboard-style learning promoted by the Foundational Review. The 500+ multiple choice questions in the Final Review give resident physicians even more practice beyond the concept-rich 200 MCQs included in the Foundational Review. As with the Foundational Review, the course text for the Final Review is Radiology Simplified which is sold separately through Apple Books.

Combining nearly a decade of resident feedback, expertise from physicist and radiologist consultants, and guidance from learning designers, the all-new virtual-format Final Review represents a leap forward in clarity and impact for resident physicians looking to develop exam-ready knowledge in radiology physics.

Individual residents can register here for the virtual-format Final Review alone, or bundled with the Foundational Review. Program coordinators can request quotes for institutional subscription here.

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